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Work of Tarun Dey @ Behala Udayan Pally , 2013.
 Excellent work on Durga's Iconography.

Work of Tarun Dey @ Behala Udayan Pally , 2012. 
 Devi descends from the skyalong spiral of jyoti and lotuses
and Asura at the  bottom of spiral . !

I enjoy writings/ photos of Durga Puja pandals and the idols published in newspapers and periodicals as well as coverage in  TV shows . Since we returned to Calcutta permanently in December,2003,  I gradually learnt to pick-up the best from the pre-Puja reports and the publications during the active days of Puja. Ruby and I visit  pandals  in early mornings and on Panchami/Dashami/Ekadashi mornings/nights to enjoy the work of art  and  take photos to add to our collection.  Being a senior citizen, I always avoid crowd.  Crowd is a deterrent to taking photos . Sometimes, the volunteers  are too pushy . Only occasionally they demonstrate  tolerance when they notice my age and  a DSLR with a telephoto.

 Work of Bhabotosh Sutar @Naktala Udayan Sangha, 2013.
 Installation resembles a  temple and its court-yard.

 Apart from  serious writings in Newspapers/periodicals - example : Tapati Guha Thakurta of CSDS, Shouvik Sengupta - I have not come across much in print on modern day Durga Puja of Calcutta.  So much  hard work is done for 3/4 months every year ahead of  Calcutta's greatest show of autumn festival, so little impact  the event makes in our books and periodicals. Films do use  Durga Puja  many times - but it is 'Kahani' that used  the street festival spirit in a manner that attracted major attention of people.

 Work of Partha  Roy @ Suhrid Sangha ,2013.
 Unconventional Iconography .

 From my side, I have made humble effort to write blogs containing photos  of pujas of Behala, of Sanatan Dinda's work, of  some good work of Tarun Dey, Sibsankar Das  and Bhabotosh Sutar.  The most  viewed among them is a Puja very dear to my heart  -  that of Nalin Sarkar Street in  2011.

Work of Sanatan Dinda @ Nalin Sarkar Street, 2011.
 A grand composition positioned within  a superb installation.

 In 2013, news about two publications have made me very happy - one book on Durga puja of Calcutta has already has been published  and the other reportedly is getting ready. I read about the 1st book from a post by my friend Kanad Sanyal. It is compiled by Samrat Chatterjee who is my one-time neighbour and a well-known name in  Calcutta's Durga Puja circuit. The second one is pleasant revelation  - on 20/10/2013,The Telegraph published an extract from a Coffee-table  book which is being made ready by  Mudar Pathreya of Trysis .

 @ Badamtala Asharhsangha,2008.
Pandal styled on Kalighat Pata.

 I take this opportunity to convey to  Mr Pathreya that I look forward to   some serious writings on iconography of Durga,  comparison of concepts of 'Installation Art' among the  present crop Art College pass-outs, their contribution in  changing face of Puja pandal decoration,  plagiarism ....... etc.

 Mr MUDAR PATHREYA, our expectation is high !

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