Thursday, October 31, 2013



Desert cactus green 'Vasudhara' -
Gate of  2012 pandal of Behala Udayan Sangha.

Motif of tall green robust leaf-like structure rising upwards . 
Spectators enters the 'Gabhagriha' through this structure.

Devi was depicted to be in motion in 2012 .
Her path is strewn with lotus . 
Kartick and Saraswati on her  left .

Twister-like spiral stretches from sky to ground level. 
Devi  positioned midway,her children below her level . 

Mahishasura is  at  lower-most level of this twister/spiral. 
Hint of Maslow's triangle ?

Tarun De's style is subtle - not loud at all.Both in Iconography as well as in his installations. Our 1st exposure to Tarun dey's work was through a journalist friend of mine who advised me in 2012 not to miss the Puja pandal of  'Behala Udayan Sangha'. So, we were there on the Panchami night  and were just 'floored'. This year, we were not in need of a reminder. Again, we were there  on the night of Panchami, before the crowd took over.

   Challenge of  Devi's Iconography . 
Tarun De  created completely different facial expression, 
without alteration of setting of eyes, his signature mark  .

 The spirit of  Tarun De's set-up works along a vertical alignment. Sky above. Earth below. The connection can be a spiral. Abuse of nature can be a part of his display. In 2012, the idols exuded a tremendous momentum, as if sliding down a twister-shaped  spiral. In 2013, Devi is standing still.  Same big eyes, yet, her 'dristi' so very different.

In 2012, Taun De allowed  the visitors a view of Devi from the  gate itself.Through slightly slant tall green-panted structure. In 2013, he constructed a hemi-spherical  dome in-between . The exterior is brightly lit,with animals' motif in dark shadows. Inside,  he positioned a   spiral on a cylindrical body under a luminous  figure-filled 'sky'. The photos here are eloquent - I do not have to write many words to explain every bit.

In 2013, Tarun De presents a slightly tapering shaft with a spiral 'path' winding up to reach the sky above, placed in a space with hemi-spherical top
equivalent to 'mandapa'  of a Hindu temple .
( Nataraja , creepers and stars adorn the shaft. Inset - Walking up the spiral)

The point here is , when we take photos, the blog is not planned in my mind simultaneously. What attracts notice is captured in the camera. Later,  bits and pieces are stitched together in my mind . As if a clutch of photos will give the viewer a taste of the whole. That  never happens . Somewhere I read, when the scribbler whistles, he hears the music in totality. Likewise, when I copy+paste the photos, I  visualise the pandals  in totality. All that I can convey to the readers is my impression about the artist's work. And... my regret that  we were not attentive enough while making our observation while clicking photos.

Pardon me for all I have missed. And, ... you ... please do not miss Tarun Dey's work in 2014, if you are in Calcutta next Durga puja.

Entrance of 2013 Pandal. 
In front, an abstract shape  reminds us of power of 'trishul' and aspiration  of  a  bird's wings. A hemi-spherical 'mandapam' with bright lights and interspersed shadows lies beyond.

A battle-scene on the hemi-sphere of the 'mandapam'.

 Devi rests in a 'sthanaka' posture after Mahishasura is vanquished. 
Her eyes and feet express the tension of the battle between her and the demon which has just ended.

 Mahishasura  out-of-balance .


sourabh said...

nice one...I missed ...where is it located ?


The set-up was at Barisha, very much on Diamond Harbour Rd.