Sunday, June 2, 2013


Title page of my Dissertation

Now that the course on 'Appreciation of Indian Art' at RMIC,Golpark is over, dissertations of Ruby and mine has been submitted , a photo-feature on Dancers of Chennkesava Temple, Belur and Surya Temple, Konark for 'AISHEE' is written and pushed out to Banani's comp., my hands are free and  I can spend some time on this Blog.

Title Page of Ruby's Dissertation

Well, last blog was written on 22/02/13 which means  I am back to this section after about 14 weeks. During this period, my hips and legs were at war-path with me. Long sitting posture = more acute pain. A good part of  dissertation writing/editing was done on my laptop with me in a reclining posture on a divan.
 One of the photo-combo from my article for 'AISHEE'

Dissertation writing and editing was an exposure to MS Publisher software, which is quite indequate for preparing two 7000-words-30to40-photos ensembles. Anyway, managed the task, with 'n' nos of revisions of the two dissertations .Last month, I discovered a set-up for digital printing @ Hazra Road crossing. Colour was not very good for  photos of Belur/Halebid. Just about OK for the purpose we went to them.But, very co-operative people they were. And... I did not have to run to Surya Sen Street what I thought at one stage unavoidable.

Time to start work on photos taken during 2012 Puja . The note on Sanatan Dinda  and Shib Shankar Das is lying on my desk unattended ! Soon, the Powerpoint presentations will start taking shape.

'YANTRA' @ Barisha Club, creation - Sanatan Dinda. Puja- 2012

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Surath Chatterji said...

Congrats! Good work to both of you.