Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This evening, I  was  glancing through my photo album in  after a long time.  Till 2010, I was a regular visitor there. I used to upload photos regularly. Afterwards, I became irregular .

To-day,when I discovered  a photo  of a dilapidated building I took in my late grandfather's village Shimulia way back in January,2007 is the 'most-viewed' photo of my photostream in, I was pleasantly surprised. looking back ....

I purchased a HP digital camera in 2002 when I visited USA in connection with a meeting on Green Belt training. That was a much simpler camera compared to what we use loades with present day's technology. ir used to work fine with Eveready's red pencil batteries. Low resolution photos it took - however, my brush with digital photography was through  that camera of HP.  I captured many moments of personal and professional moments with aid of that simple camera.Later, the camera's battery cover's hinge developed a problem , causing loose connection at critical moments.

When my elder son brought a Canon A520 in December,2006 from the USA for me, I was relieved. It was just at the time of my retirement from professional life  - soon after signing off from DCIPS in Calcutta, I went to Shimulia - to pay my obeisance to Charchika Kali and to have a few days of holidays in a  rural setting.

Little did I know that I shall have problem with supply of batteries. My Eveready 'red' batteries gave up during the very 1st day of my arrival. It was at 12.26 pm when last of the batteries died and .....
this was my last shot :
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as on 12/03/2013.

No supply was available in that village . I  however managed to take lots of photos with a borrowed contraption for charging batteries from one of my cousin's neighbour. The shots of an old ruin of a palace was quite liked  my friends - but, that is another story.

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