Friday, September 30, 2011



When I went back to  HDD of my computer, I  discovered that I have not clicked many photographs of the crowd and events around Devi Durga. As far as possible, I have pointed the lens high above to shoot the deity's images  as we covered one 'pavilion' after the other. Therefore, a selection was easy. Not as good shots as I would have taken , if done consciously for writing a blog.

The first shot that I have selected is that of a priest who looks so small in front of the huge image of Devi. He was performing 'Arati' - adoration of  Devi and then the devotees jostle for seeking her blessing.

   As 'arati' gets over, devotees circle round the priest seeking the warmth of the lamp - 
blessing of the Goddess.

Have you ever tried to move around festive Calcutta in the mornings of the celebration days ? It is much easier to navigate as the crowd has gone home. One misses the lighting, but, there is no push and jostle.
Two of my early morning shots are here.

Dozing Drummer

Intense watching !
I could never discover what is funny in this Vodafone banner !

When 'bhog'  - food specially prepared for Devi - is offered, it is customary to have a stretched saree across so that devotees cannot 'see' Devi accepting the offering.

Buying a balloon ?? 

Who is the best dressed 'Devi' ??

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