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I  so far  used my e-address @ - - to post photographs which I click during my trip to Munger.

The reason I have to visit Munger a few times a year is associated with PANIIT's 'IITians For ITIs' project. I have been invited by ITC, Munger to be a part of their team @ Institute Management Committee of ITI,Munger, which has received Rs 2.5 Crores from World Bank for introducing a course on 'Electrical maintenance'.

These trips have taken to the hillock on the outskirt of Munger from where one can view the famous horse-shoe of the course of the Ganges, a famous Yoga Centre which is the crown jewel of Munger and the Fort-side shore of the Ganges.Unfortunately for me, the management have decided that short personal travelogues - kind of  photo-features - will not be published by any more. My latest 'hub' - 'Visit to Munger III' ( - has been 'unpublished'. I have here a part of the text  and some of the photos from that blog as well as photos I have clicked during my recent train journey to Munger ( 15/09/11) .

FROM dtd.02/08/11 :

'First a few words about the Yoga Institute. From a very small set-up, the Institute has flourished to a big Institute with residential facility. I was shown around with a lot of care - understand my host ITC, Munger is quite friendly with the Management of this Institute. I would suggest that any visitor of Munger must find an hour to visit this place and absorb the tranquility of the enormous prayer hall !

- Setting  sun has turned the Ganges golden.Two boys - one ready for a plunge into water.


A visit to western flank of the town where the Ganges flow , specially at the time of sunset, is very enjoyable. One finds ripples of the river shining ,boats plying with sails up , young people enjoying a dip and far out - a bridge under construction. The photos with boys in silhouette was disallowed in many 'flickr' groups - including the one on river administered by me - because their internal checking system perceived that the boys were naked. Well they were not ! I found the glowing ripples of the Ganges and silhouettes made excellent composition !'

Coming back to the train journey undertaken last week, I found good sunlight , a time span of an hour in the morning before I reach my destination - Jamalpur station and flooded country-side - quite interesting for trying out a few clicks. I was inside an A/C  compartment - as expected, with a 'point& shoot' camera, I could hardly get the desired result.A few of them are here, which may be liked by my friends from Bihar, especially from that region, as the scenery remind them of their homeland.

- I found nos of persons walking past our train while we were waiting @ Sultangaunj for a 'crossing' of a train from the other side.


- As viewed from the train passing through countryside.

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