Friday, September 25, 2015



View from the car-park.
The main building is at a small elevation.

 A nice spot to visit , very close to where we were staying - i.e. Puistola. It was 20/09/15  - afternoon of a bright Sunday Reached in 5 minutes by car. Passed by Malmi Airport where many families gathered, very likely, to watch some show as we noted cars parked around the Airport's entry.

Another view of the Main Building.

 A sprawling farm it is - just on the outskirt of Helsinki, off Malminkaari . We reached there nearly at the time of closing. We found horses and cows grazing outside  in areas earmarked  and separately fenced off. A near-by lane ran towards a big Flat-complex on rear side of the Farm - presumably the people around just strolled from there only with their kids just to enjoy the sun and facilities.

Horses and a pony graze in the area earmarked for them

Among the facilities, remarkable are a wooden horse for the children to climb, a long-bodied wooden dashound to sit down upon , log benches & tables  for having coffee & snacks.The penns are open to visitors on Sundays.

We found horses,cows,pigs,goats,lambs, ducks and hens ,rabbit (!) . The pig sty is very clean - little odour . Over-all standard of  neatness is amazing. Typically Scandinavian. Young girls were in-charge of managing the animals, probably a good part of house-keeping too.

This horse is fond of human contact !

On a dashound bench !

we took several photos sitting on this dashound -shaped bench . But, it was quite a popular spot. Though we were at this Farm quite late and stayed behind after the establishment closed, we had to wait quite a good amount of time for our turn. Among the persons who used this 'seat' for photography,two old ladies were oblivious to expectation of others. I sat there and called out my wife in Bengali to take my photograph, with the intention of disturbing the ladies- but without any success.

Our family photos are for restricted circulation - thus, stopping here without sharing some of the fun-moments we had at this spot.

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