Monday, September 29, 2014

DURGA PUJA 2014 (Part I)

 The work of an unknown artist - Sharatda Mandir,Parnasree

Sharada Mandir is a small temple of Parnasree with a wide open space in its front and right by the side of a water-body. This area is in centre of activities during  Durga Puja - Kali Puja phase.

During the Pujas, hordes of revelers crowd pandals erected here. During Durga Puja, 'bhog' is served against a modest charge - very popular with the residents. In 2013, I heard grumblings about over-booking. The evenings see  'arati' as well as interesting musical programs, quite popular with residents of Parnasree who do not venture much in the crowded streets of Calcutta.

This year Indra Pal and his small team is working here , shaping up three sets of Devi and her family. Famous he is not, but, has a very good temperament. I went to his work area during the last phase of preparation and brought a good nos of photographs. A few  are posted here .

Deity getting dressed up.

Mahisasura subjugated !

Young boy has a tummy ready to compete with that of Ganesha !

Indra Pal attends to Ganesha as Lakshmi Devi stands nearly ready !

Here is another photo of the deity of Sharada Mandir getting ready - she was surely way ahead of others. Had to be - this Puja Committee has provided space to Indra Pal for others' work. Hence, he presumably keeps his present bosses happy.

On the  morning of 'triteeya'.

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Ruby Chatterji said...

A good article. Please share some more such write ups. Here we come to know about the artist and under what circumstances he is working, to earn his bread.
The artist skillfully puts life into the idols. Automatically we start to believe that our savior in right in front of us.In awe we join our palms to pray and seek her blessings.