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Paintings  completed during 1st session of 'Mommarte' on 15/10/2013.

 Notice posted during the 1st day of 'Mommarte'.

Since October,12, the Executive Committee of AoFA,Calcutta has organised an event titled 'Mommarte' every Saturday in one of its front  lawns. The event starts at 2.30 pm, ends by
5.30/6.00 pm. There are several tables  and good nos of chairs are provided  for artists and observers to assemble . Artists come with paper and paint and complete paintings which they offer for sale across the table.

 Senior and famous artist Prakash Karmakar among the office-bearers of AoFA
during inauguration of 1st day of 'Mommarte'. 

 Well-known veteran sculptor Uma Siddhant among her admirers 
- 'Mommarte' dated 29/12/2012.

My wife Ruby is naturally attracted to this event. She gets a chance to mingle with other artists . I get a chance to click photos of artwork - though light remains a problem. We get a chance to listen to songs and recitations of members present during these afternoon sessions. A few of the renderings are really good. I feel a little surprised that these sessions do not get any Press coverage.

Ruby with her painting of Durga on 15/10/2013.

 We made friends with a sculptor from Kalna. His name is Bimal Poddar. He procured huge roots   from areas around his workshop - the left-out of trees chopped off after the trunks are cut and taken away.Besides, he buys blocks of 'neem' wood for his work. Samples of his work are here.

  Bimal Poddar is working on a root - one of his 'old man' series.


Quite powerful work ! Invite artists, art-lovers and photographers  at these meets - surely you will enjoy !

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