Sunday, September 30, 2012



 A very traditional idol of Durga.
Singhee Park.

 A broken terra cotta gate and pavilion attracted viewers 
from far & wide. South Calcutta.

When a question like 'Traditional or Theme-Pujo ?'  is placed as a matter of routine to a celebrity by an eager TV Jockey, the most common answer is 'Traditional'. A very safe answer !

 Two neighbouring Puja pavilions - shaped like vermilion container 
and lamp stand.South Calcutta.

I  enjoy the variations offered by the other kind of Durga-Puja - popularly known as ' Theme-Pujo'. It requires thoughts, debates, mobilisation and execution at a different level . If all the 'baro-iyari' pijas in Calcutta were according to traditional model, it would have been quite monotonous. Variations are offered by those organisers who think out-of-the-box and execute variation/s which please/s the viewers' eyes and senses. Ofter, the deity is built and decorated  in a traditional fashion, yet, the surroundings, specially the pavilion is 'built' with lots of novelty.

Chariot - not a very novel thought, but, tidy execution.
South Calcutta.

Here,I present  quite a few examples of novelty . I hope the viewers will like my collection. I end with a very traditional pavilion of South Calcutta.

Singhee Park,South Calcutta.

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