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A visit to Hampi as well as Surya temple of Konark is like 'visiting' an Epic. Every exposure is a delight , a revelation. You will  re-discover what  stayed at out sight during last 'visit'  or needed 'dusting' of memory cells or a new meaning of a known chapter, of a dear character.

Drummer of Hampi, playing 'Mridanga'.
Vitthala temple, Hampi.

 Hampi is not only a wonder  for those who have interest in  architecture, it has something for travelers who love trekking, rafting ,enjoy nature or photography for his/her special albums. Konark's architectural grandeur   is within a compact  area - not spread over a sprawling area like that of Hampi - the attraction here is architecture, and architecture only. It has  a sea-beach near-by - but, not many people  visit Konark attracted by the sea-beach !

 Drummers of Konark, in fluid poses of dance.
Pavilion of dance & music, Surya temple, Konark.

For this blog, I have chosen a subject  which has very delicately sculpted in both the sites  - musicians.   A serious Art historian will count how many percussionists are depicted on the pavilion for music/dance at Konark -they are numerous, but the finest at Hampi are limited in number.

 Music & Dance Pavilion - Vitthala temple complex. February,2011.

Vitthala temple complex  has a pavilion for music/dance too . Its additional attraction is that this pavilion has slender stone columns which, when touched, resonate to generate the seven notes of music. This hall's several sculptures of musicians are mostly male percussionists . Unfortunately for us, visitor's entry to this portion was prohibited to protect the 'musical'  columns from vandalism . Major repair work was going on  during our visit in February,2011 with scaffolding, slabs of stone obstructing photography from outside .

 Hundreds of miles, several centuries apart - 
 striking similarity of the dance pose !

Capturing the best sculptures of musicians at Surya temple  was not easy either. The work on 'chlorites' were placed far above the eye-level, on various upper floors of  the Jagomohan. Scaffolding was a problem here too - visitors and photographers  of  temple art have learnt to accept this problem as unavoidable.

 Two drummers on two sides of entrance of the inner pavilion 
@ Vitthala temple,Hampi
& the 'dhol'-player at 60' elevation of Surya temple,Konark.

Yet, I could not  resist of sharing a compilation of the photos I have of the musicians from  both these temples .Watch the percussion instruments, the expression  joy and seriousness the artisans, the controlled dance steps, the swing of clothes  sculpted so delicately. A close-up will show the details of ornaments, folds of clothes , ribs of the shell of  'Mridanga', executed centuries ago, wonderful  till date ! 

  'Yugal-bandi' - musicians in duet. Across centuries.



Quite a few comments on my blogs arrive @ FB or gmail. Rarely, I copy/paste them here . Here is one from satyendu sanyal :
উতসাহী পাঠক লিঙ্কটি নিজেই খুঁজে নেবে।
বিঠ্ঠল অর্থাত বিষ্নু এবং সূর্য্যদেবের দুই বহুদূর স্থিত আলাদা মন্দিরের এই সমীকরন ইজ এ জায়ান্ট লীপ অফ ইম্যাজিনেশন।
জ্যেহর গূ্ট।

Surath Chatterji said...

Good job with photo presentation. Although, one disadvantage bloggers have to live with is limited online storage which translates to limited pixels. Nevertheless, the details were pretty clear even for a 17" laptop screen.

Uploading heavy images on Dropbox and then embedding them in your blog is one way to exhibit some selected photos for hi-res viewing.

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