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 Krsna taming snake 'Sudarsana'-a cursed 'Vidhyadhara'.

'Vastra - haran' - Krsna has  taken away the clothes of Gopis, bathing in the Yamuna, on tree-top.Gopis are requesting   Krsna                          not to torment them !
Not many have heard of the wall-frescoes of this  temple at  Srikakulam, though well-attended by devotees. At least not those who surf internet before visiting a place of tourist interest. But, a visit to this temple - which was rebuilt at least 700 years ago  -  without  good time spent on the frescoes in the long 'parikrama' around the temple will be improper. The temple authorities have devoted just one line to the frescoes of this temple in the plaque outside which ,in my opinion, is unfair !

8th figure in this procession is Krsna, probably accompanied by Nanda. Who are the aristocratic persons leading the procession ! 
(Note - I could not find a matching 'story' in 'SriMadbhagabat')

A good part of these   frescoes are devoted to KrsnaLeela. Also, several manifestations of Vishnu. Unsupervised white-washing , loosely hanging electrical wires and a general lack of appreciation caused deterioration of this heritage art. I have not been to Lepakshi temple , but, there - it appears from what I found in the internet - the frescoes occupy  much more a place of pride than at Sri Kurmam temple .

'Kaliya Daman' - Taming of 'Kaliya'

Above was taken after shifting hanging strands of electric wire from the frame of the photo. One will feel bad if I post  a photo of the total frame of this fresco. It was 16/02/2011 when we were at Sri Kurmam temple. We learnt that shortly a team from ASI  will come to Srikakulam to initiate a process of reviving  the frescoes. Hope the  task is in progress, if not completed.

 'Varah avatata' of Vishnu - an unusual depiction ! 
Blow-up reveals the Earth - not a female figure ! - resting on right elbow of 'Varah' while he tramples Hiranyaksha (?) into sea-water 
with his right foot !

 It is indeed unfortunate , as the viewer must  have noted by now, the blotches of lime-wash has caused serious problem to these frescoes.Very little of the painting above was visible to naked eye. Considerable enhancement has given a reasonable appearance to this one. While I have more photos in my HDD , I shall end with one of Siva riding Nandi. More on some other occasion.

Siva riding Nandi , Parvati accompanying him. He has raised his trident whereas two of his foot-soldiers - quite obscure though - 
are found to wield swords.

Note - Regd. the last fresco, pl read Amol N banker's comment & my reply too.


Shells on Stamp said...
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Amol N. Bankar said...

The image of Shiva mounted on Nandi seems to be confusing. Most probably it is image of Yama with Black Male-Buffalo (Nandi is white bull) and holding Pasha in his hand. He is accompanied with Yamadutas who also hold pasha in their hands.


@ Amol N Bankar -

On reading your comment, I did revert to blown-up photo of this fresco.I also referred to descriptions of Yama in books by Gopinatha Rao and JN Banerjea. The former has dealt with the subject in more details. He has referred to 'Sanskrit text' and 'Vishnudharmottara'.

The descriptions have variations in nos of hands and attributes - one mentions trident, the other 'pasha'- not both together. One mentions red garments, the other : golden. Who is the other figure sitting on the animal ? Yama's consort - Dhumorna ?

Pl note that the accompanying figures are carrying swords and not 'pasha'.

In deference to your comment, I have inserted a suitable note in the text itself.