Thursday, March 1, 2012



 Jump with joy!

 No visitor to Bhubaneswar with a camera will miss this spot !
On the right, a stair-case goes upto the platform which allows a view of
Lingaraj temple and its court-yard. 
Photography of the temples inside is allowed only from this platform !
The door ahead to the temple complex is closed to movement.

I am motivated now by two comments I read in a gap of two days :
  • A young  bro-in-law of mine posted a clutch of  excellent photographs in FB after a  trip to Jodhpur/Jaisalmer. One of his ' commented : 'ariiiiii....manush kothai???' That 'Oh .... why not a soul in your photos ??'
  • In a string of e-mail, one friend of mine has asked another : 'Have not you taken photos of your train-journey, scenery from train's window, tea-shops etc ?' 
 Four young men were hooked to a 'naughty' wall-relief @ Konark temple. 
As I focused my camera, two of this group moved away while 
the other two were too engrossed to notice me. 
Anyone is curious about this wall-relief being 'captured' in a phone-camera ?
Earlier, I have not ever thought that in a trip to cover wonders of our architecture , I need add to my folio photos of the passing scenery. Ruby, if she accompanied me and had a loaded camera handy, would 'fire' away during journeys. During writing or internal presentations,I have often used  photos from her albums which had another perspective.

 A small temple built in the water-body opposite the compound dedicated to 64-Yoginis temple.
Do you notice the small black bird resting atop the same ?
Hirapur ( near Bhubaneswar) , Orissa. 

Mothers and daughters.
Udaygiri, Bhubaneswar.

Gradually, I have also learnt to pick-up a few scenes while focusing on wall-reliefs.Here, I have selected six photos  from my Orissa trip - none of a temple per se -  to put my record straight.

Amidst the beauties in stone @ Konark temple.
 Fat torsos, slim legs - Does this photographer ( face blurred ) have a choice ?

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