Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Photos of designs by 'Ruby's Boutique' on the occasion of marriage of Sujash and Moumita

Sujash and Moumita. The Kurta of Sujash designed by 'Ruby.

Silk cloth used as base and silk threads and jari threads have been used for the works done by hand by artisans.Design idea and colour combination has been done by me.
Details of Sujash' kurta.

The sherwani are done in South raw silk as base,the work is done using kashmiri stitches and a varied number of stitches,again lot of jari and silk threads have been used to bring out the motifs,a pains taking work done the the artisans.Was highly appreciated by invitees.
The lehenga has been done in brocade cloth,the blouse is in south raw silk and the top in tissue silk.The design has been thought for months before being worked upon. There are a lot of thread sequence and stone work done on it.
Men's dupatta has been specially bought from Bikaner to bring out the authentic look.
Sujash, Moumita and Surath wear Sherwani  and Lehenga designed by me.

Details of the needle work of Sujash' Sherwani.

The above pictures offer a closer look into the designs.

The South silk has  a shaded mauve colour sari with a second shade of blue hue showing. It is a perfect blend of colours, the work just complements the whole sari in totality. A perfect evening wear,for a reception or a party wear.One would love to own it, a princely possession I would like to believe.

One of the masterpiece the karigar has done, could really bring out the imagination on cloth which I could design on paper. Silk-Thread, sequences have been used to give it a dimension I was looking for.

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