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TOI of 5/4/09 brings out a story from South India about a man who killed his wife when denied sex. It was an afternoon. He was drunk. From the story below, it appears he was hungry too. Having an arousal , in an empty stomach, that too in the afternoon, cannot be an uncontrollable situation ! But, it was different for Subhash ........ with 10 years married life.....who is very likely around 35 years . He lost his sanity , killed his wife and ruined the life of his children .

Man kills wife, has sex with her body


Chennai: In an incident too grotesque to believe, a 30-yearold man allegedly strangled his wife, had sex with her body and left deep bite marks on it after she refused to have sex with him. Police, who arrested the man on Friday, said that it was the first time that they had come across such a case.
A police officer said Subash, a resident of Poonamallee in Chennai, who earns a living by selling soft drinks on a push cart, came home drunk on Thursday afternoon and asked his wife, Shanti (28), to have sex with him and she refused. ‘‘After this, he said he was hungry and asked her to
give him food. An angry Shanti told him there was no money to buy groceries and, hence, she hadn’t cooked any food. She began scolding him for seeking physical pleasure when he wasn’t providing money for household expenses,’’ said the police officer. Subash apparently slapped Shanti, who fell down unconscious, after which he strangled her to death with a skipping rope. Subash then allegedly had intercourse with his wife’s lifeless body before inflicting injuries upon it. Subash and Shanti were married for more than 10 years and have two sons, aged ten and seven.

No less bizarre is another story from South India. This is in the front page of TOI of 7/4/09. It may appear to be funny to some readers. But, this also shows how a person loses control over his urges . In this case also, Daniel,the man in the centre of the story was under influence of alcohol. Fortunately, the episode did not have a tragic end like the incidence above.

Sex romp on flight from B’lore

London: Passengers on board a Bangalore-London flight were in for high drama recently, when a drunken model got enraged after catching her boyfriend romping with a woman next to him.
Sources have claimed that blonde Sarah Hannon woke up from a stupor and found Daniel Melia enjoying a sex act with pretty Clare Irby, with whom he had gotten friendly on board.
Sarah, a magazine cover girl, went mad and had to be calmed down by the crew at 30,000 feet.
According to sources, Sarah dozed off on the nine-hour flight af
ter boozing with Daniel before and during the flight. Then, Daniel got on well with Clare under a blanket but was stopped by hostesses, at which point Sarah woke up and started screaming. When the Kingfisher Airlines Flight IT001 touched down at Heathrow, armed police entered the jet and arrested the trio.
Daniel (36) and Clare (29) were nicked for alleged gross indecency, while Sarah (35) was held for being drunk on an aircraft. All three were released on bail.
They certainly put the bang into Bangalore, the Sun quoted a police source as saying. ANI

What is the morale of these stories.... the readers may please drop a comment or two.

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