Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It was a bright morning, sun rising in a clear sky.There were traces of cloud in the horizon,The sky washed clean and blue after 6 weeks of rain.

Ruby ,my wife and I carried our Canon Powershot during the morning walk again .There was no threat of rain.Breeze was pleasant.Our plan was to take a few snaps of the Krsna's idol fixed on a banyan tree. We were also on the look-out for interesting and colourful photos of the early morning street scene at Parnasree.

Mother and the calf

We came across a she-buffalo mothering her kid, colourful advertisement corners, a street-side fruitstall getting set by two brothers, sisters hurrying to school. I tried to capture the struggle of a tree , uprooted during stacking of concrete pipes (construction material) on the side of road, yet alive and green. I took a photograph where the access to a water-body almost opposite our flat blocked by pipes and filth......yet the shimmer of sunlight caught the camera's lens !We captured newspaper vendors exhanging loads of tneir merchandise, children talking incessantly while rushing to school.

Krsna tied to a banyan tree

Setting the stall before
the shopping hours

Exchanging the wares !

Deserted to rot !

Struggle for life

A north-south road in our neighbourhood, leading to Behala Flying Club is experiencing now a major construction work. Drain pipes are getting laid, Scores of trees have been uprooted to make room for the pipes.I do not think, any re-plantation will be possible. I took snaps of the road parallel to the unfortunate one , with the greenery and the chequered design of light-and-shade on the same.. Who knows when area development will take away this view from our life .

The reluctant bird !

'Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.

We fell them down and turn them into papers

That we may record our emptiness.'

-- Kahlil Gibran

Chequered by light & shade

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